24th November 2017

Reporting your child’s absence


Following a visit from our Education Welfare Officer, I have been asked to remind you of the procedure for reporting your child’s absence to school.

All absence must be reported to school on the first day of absence, this can either be done by phone or on ParentMail.

  • If you call the office out of hours you can leave a message, as these will be picked up on our return.
  • If reporting on parentmail you must give a reason for absence.

All absence which is not reported will be logged as unauthorised absence.

If you have reported your child as having a sick bug they must not return to school for 48hrs from the last episode.  For guidance on other illnesses please contact the school office or seek advice from your GP.

Please note:

If your child’s attendance falls to less than 92% the Education Welfare Officer, has informed us we are not allowed to log your child’s absence as Illness unless they have a Doctor’s note confirming a diagnosis.

If a child has too many un-authorised absences the Education Welfare Officer can take this case to court, where a parent or carer can be given a criminal conviction.

These cases are becoming much more common so please bear this in mind and report your child’s absence as soon as you can.

Something else to bear in mind is that all un-authorised holidays are included in your child’s absence, so just one period of un-authorised holiday along with a few days of sickness can see your child’s attendance drop to this level.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Robertson