Berwick Youth Project

15th December 2020

Dear parents / carers,

Staff and Volunteers at Berwick Youth Project will be working hard again this Christmas Eve to redistribute fresh, unsold, perishable foodstuffs that may otherwise be going to waste over the festive season. Having first started the initiative in 2018, the Project collects donations from shops as they close down on 24th December, and quickly packages up food to deliver to individuals and families who might appreciate some extra help during the holidays.

This year they’re expecting to be busier than ever, and so far Morrison’s, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Aldi, and Farmfoods have all joined in to donate surplus produce.

We know that many people will be experiencing the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic this year, perhaps through reduced income, furlough or redundancy, so we’re very keen to offer support wherever possible. If you’d welcome a contribution, or know someone who might benefit from a delivery, please contact the Youth Project in confidence on or ring 01289 333100.

Thank you

Debra Jerdan
Team Leader, Information & Support Services
Berwick Youth Project