Christmas Bonanza

26th November 2021

Christmas Bonanza

Good morning

This Christmas we will not only be running the very popular Cash Bonanza again, but we will also be running a Childrens' Big Prize Bonanza!


Tickets for the Childrens' Prize Bonanza go on sale Monday 29th November.


Tickets for the Christmas Cash Bonanza will go on sale from 1st December.  Ticket order slips for the Cash Bonanza will be sent home early next week.


Both the Prize and Cash Bonanza are school fundraisers and all proceeds made from ticket sales will be spent on vital resource which will benefit all the children at Tweedmouth West.


It is not compulsory to take part in the Bonanzas however if you wish to do so:


  • Prize Bonanza - children can bring ticket money into school in a named envelope
  • Cash Bonanza - please complete the ticket request sheet which will come home next week

Posters with full details of the prizes on both the cash and Prize Bonanza are attached.


Thank you in advance for your support and Good Luck!!

Mrs Hodgson