Harvest Festival 2013

12th December 2013

We collected a grand sum of £165.40 for the Food bank at our Harvest Festival.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.  We are now a ‘giving point' for the food bank and any donations will be greatly appreciated.  Below is a list of typical food products which goes into a food parcel.  The box will be located in our foyer.

A typical food parcel
1 packet of pasta
1 jar of pasta sauce
1 tin of beans 
2 tins of stew or similar
1 tin of meatballs
1 packet of cup-soups or 2 tins
1 jar of jam
1 small box tea bags
1 packet of cereal (e.g. cornflakes or wheat biscuits)
2 litres long life milk
2 rice puddings or tins of fruit
1 large or two small tins of potatoes
2 tins vegetables

Plus  Toothpaste, shampoo, soap. Or any other similar items would be gratefully received

Thank you for your support.