How to Hide a Lion in School

20th September 2016

We were delighted to welcome Helen Stephens into our school assembly this morning.

There was very much a party atmosphere at Tweedmouth West as she joined us to launch her latest in a hugely successful series of children’s books. Helen’s How To Hide a Lion series has proved so popular that a third – How To Hide a Lion at School – is out now and it features our school, TWEEDMOUTH WEST!


Helen projected her book onto our large screen and we listened carefully as she read the whole book to us. We helped the story come to life with out Lion ROARS and cheers. We enjoyed spotting our very own Frieda (Helen’s daughter, the real life Iris), our school building and local landmarks.


We watched in awe as Helen sketched her pet dog, Peggy. We then all received an art lesson to remember as she sketched her famous lion for us to copy, she talked us through each stage making it look so easy.


Mrs Rutherford thanked Helen for visiting our school and also for making us famous by featuring Tweedmouth West in this hugely successful series of books.


Thanks Helen, we wait in anticipation for the title of your fourth……