Lockdown Daily Mile Challenge

14th January 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian

Following on from the success of our Virtual Sports day challenge that took place during the last lockdown I would like to invite you to take part in the ‘Daily Mile’ challenge. I am sure there are many of you taking part in various virtual runs and walks as a way of keeping active during lockdown but there isn’t much out there to motivate the children in the same way, so hopefully this will help. Many of our children loved to take part in our ‘daily mile’ before the pandemic so we would like you to share the ‘Daily Mile Challenge’ with your child/ children and hopefully it will motivate them towards the government goal of 60 minutes of physical exercise per day. They can walk, scoot or bike the mile and there is no limit to how far you go. I would like to record and monitor the uptake of children participating therefore ask that you complete the attached form and send it back at the end of each month. I will run the event as a house group competition with the team completing the most miles being the winner. Let’s hope this will engage and encourage the children to walk, scoot or bike further and more often.

When doing so we must encourage you to follow the current government Covid guidlines.

You can also encourage your child to take photographs and tell us what they have been doing via Seesaw. It would be good to publish some of these on our facebook/website. If you do not wish them to appear on facebook/website please make this clear to us.

I look forward to seeing and hearing all about your ‘Daily Miles’.

Mrs Pick

PE Coordinator.