Family Fun Sports Afternoon

24th May 2017

Tweedmouth West Family Fun Sports Afternoon    -    Friday 19th May

Tweedmouth West certainly didn’t let the damp weather stop them enjoying themselves on Friday afternoon at their Family Fun Sports.

138 children and 60 parents took part in an afternoon of sporting activities. Prior to the day, children and parents signed up for their chosen sport. Local coaches including Berwick Rangers Captain Jonny Fairbairn, Zumba Instructor Julie Kay and our Local School Sports Coordinator Dave Pick joined  Tweedmouth West Staff to provide the children and parents with an afternoon of Sport.

The event kicked off with an entertaining and very energetic  Zumba Warm Up with Julie Kay. The participating parents and children were then led to their chosen activity by Year 4 Leaders. The activities on offer were:-

  • Zumba- Julie Kay and Ms Patterson
  • Skipping – Mrs Fairnington and Mrs Newton
  • Hula Hooping – Mrs Poole and Mrs Robertson
  • Golf-Mrs Anderson
  • Football- Mr Pick, Jonny Fairbairn, Kyle Murray, Craig Heath
  • Rugby – Mr Harker
  • Cricket – Mrs Pick

Mrs Oliver and Mrs Cowe took care of First Aid.

Activities lasted an hour, spectators were invited to come along and watch the fun.

The closing ceremony included a superb Skipping Display by our very own Skipping Team who were Gold finalists at the Interschool Skipping Competition held in January this year.

Mrs Anderson and Mrs Pick thanked everyone for coming along and making this such a wonderful event. Certificates were given out to one adult and one child from each activity. Coaches were looking out for participants showing good examples of the School Games Values. Here is a list of the winners:-

Self Belief           Hula Hooping         Adult Michael Blaikie      Child Miles (Rec)

Determination      Skipping               Adult Joanne Clark          Child Scarlett (Year 1)

Team Work          Rugby                   Adult Robert Hodgson     Child Ellie (Year 3)

Passion                 Cricket                  Adult Dan Richards          Child Jack (Year 3)

Honesty               Golf                       Adult Brett Rodgers        Child Connor (Year 4)

Respect            Football (1)          Adult Ellen Scambler      Child Luke (Year 1)

Respect                Football (2)         Adult Colin Anderson     Child Callum (Year 4)

Determination      Zumba                  Adult Laura Reavley        Child Benjamin (Year 4)

Thanks to participants, coaches and spectators for making this such a fantastic afternoon celebrating sport and helping us to raise an amazing £397.83 for school playground equipment