Macmillan Coffee Morning

17th October 2013

The Macmillan Coffee Morning
by children in y4.


On the 27 of September we had a Macmillan Coffee morning and we raised £635.15. We had just about 14 stalls and we had lots of fun.
The coffee morning was very busy nevertheless we managed to do the stalls. It was quite easy to do mine and Jake’s stall that was called Which Page. All the money that we raise goes to buy medicine and the machines to keep people alive.
I felt proud that I could do the coffee morning.

On the 27th of September we had a Macmillan Coffee morning. The stalls we had were Tin Cans, Penalty Shoot Out, Refreshments, Hook a Duck, Sticks in the Sand. We did the Coffee Morning to raise money. We raised £635.15.

Macmillan is the biggest cancer care in the world. We wanted to raise money for the charity. Year 4 dose it every year to raise money for charity. Our stalls were cakes guess the dolls name and lots more.
On the day it got very bisy and very hot in the hall.
There was lots of people I think they real enjoyed it.
We was very busy I think the cakes were the most busy in the hall. Our total was £635.15.  We were very happy about how much we raised.
We did not get more than last year but we was still happy. With that money we could save peoples lives or get more beds for people that have cancer and we are happy to do it again we are happy. Well done Year 4.

We had a Macmillan coffee morning and raised £635.15. We had stalls called tin cans, hook a duck, rafful, lucky dip. The coffee morning was busy but we carried on. We had the coffee morning because old people need help. IT WAS AMAZING!  I was happy and sad because it was hard and easy!

Y4 and most of the teachers organised a Macmillan coffee morning here at Tweedmouth West first school. Everybody in the class got a stall to do. Here is most of the stalls hook a duck, tombola, raffle, refreshments and lucky dip.
It was really busy nevertheless I still managed to get through the big crowd to my stall, balloon pop. Connor got a bit huffy and he was panicking because I was sent there,Iwasat the gate letting people in.So I had to go back to my stall wich was really busy at that moment.
When it finnally was over I was a bit dissopointed when it was over but it was really fun. At the end of the whole coffee morning GUESS HOW MUCH WE RAISED £635.14. That went to make medicine or to help a cure!

We had lots of stalls. Y4 had a stall to choose. And I choosed hoopla. You pay 50p to do it and we had lots of customers because it was so cool. When I had to go to refreshments I got 2 cakes and then I went to tombola and I won 2 things. Baked beans and rice too. We raised £635.15.