15th May 2018
It was a very exciting assembly on Friday 11th May. 

Ollie Poole from Year 3 brought his kart into school for us all to see.
We have all heard little snippets of Ollie's success over the past few months and we felt it was time for us to find out more about how Ollie and his family spend most of their weekends.
A very proud Ollie showed off his kart to us which his dad had kindly brought in for us all to see. He brought in his suit, helmet and extra tyres which he told us are required for use in slippy conditions.
Ollie had made his own slideshow for us all to watch on our big screen. It showed video footage of Ollie competing in his kart.
Ollie told us that he competes in the BKC. This involves Ollie competing in ten rounds around the UK including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 
So far this year he has competed in four rounds and has achieved amazing 2nd and 3rd places. This is a fantastic achievement, we are all so very proud of Ollie. 
He went on to tell us that he races as a cadet, one of the youngest competitors in this series at 8 years old - the cadets age range is from to 8-12 year old. Our children were amazed to hear that Ollie travels up to 60 mph in his Kart. 
Ollie was proud to tell us that earlier this year he traveled to Spain to Kart and is planning a trip to Ireland soon. 
We wish Ollie all the very best for the rest of the season - 
Stay Safe Ollie and thanks for your very informative talk and slide show on Friday.