Reminder - 500ml Plastic Bottles

24th November 2021

Thank you to everyone who has handed in plastic bottle for our Christmas window display. We do still need more bottles so if you have any in your recycling please fish them out and hand them in, as per our message below they must be 500ml bottles and if possible with their lids on.


Thank you

Mrs Poole
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Good afternoon,

Mrs Poole and our Year 4 children will once again be decorating one of the Berwick Christmas Windows (more details to follow).

We would like to create our display out of recycled plastic bottles so please send them into school if you have some.

Bottles must be 500ml - Any brand - Any colour (although the more colourful the better)

All donations of clean empty bottles must be handed into school by Friday 19th November.

Thank you in advance.

Mrs Hodgson