8th March 2018



Some children have mentioned games or films which they have used or seen, and we are increasingly concerned by the number of children accessing material beyond that recommended for their age group.


This page gives you an understanding of what the age ranges mean. Please help our children stay safe. This article in the Guardian gives excellent advice for parents. Please use the link to read it:-



E-Safety Workshop Invitation 

We  would like to invite you to an e-safety workshop run by John Devlin from Northumberland County Council in school on Wednesday 28th March at 2.45pm. 

John  will be delivering an e-safety presentation and will be happy to answer any of your concerns.  



Social Media / Games/ Apps 

Net-aware has been designed to help parents understand what different social media sites/ games/apps are all about.  Please take a look and help keep our kids safe online.




Parental Controls

There are lots of parental controls and other online tools to help your child have a safer and more private online experience, many of which are free and easy to set up. Please click on the link below