Self Portrait T-towels

21st March 2022

Good afternoon,


All the children at Tweedmouth West have drawn a self portrait to be included on this years Tea Towel design.


For those of you who have not seen one before I have attached a copy of the last one we did a few years ago.


These Tea Towels will go on sale to the families of our children after the Easter Break - This is a PTA fundraiser with all funds raised going towards equipment and resources that all our children will benefit from.


Our last school fundraiser was the sponsored 'Dribble to the Euros' which was fantastic! we raised an amazing amount and each class was able to be allocated £300 each to buy extra toys, books, equipment, furniture, sensory aids, learning equipment, basically anything that each teacher felt would benefit their class! Thank you all for allowing this to happen, the school budget is always tight and doesn't stretch to treats like these.


In order for me to order the correct amount of Tea Towels for our families, please complete the form which will follow shortly confirming the amount you would like to order.


Self Portrait Tea Towels will be on Sale for £4 each.


If you have any questions regarding this please get in touch.


Thank you

Mrs Hodgson