Weekly Newsletter - 3 Autumn Term 2020

8th October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Life carries on in school, despite everything that is happening in the rest of the country!

The staff here at Tweedmouth West work incredibly hard to keep a normal school life for our children, whilst ensuring our safety measures are happening too. It all makes for a very busy time!

This week was National ‘Thank a teacher day’, and I would like to add my thanks to our staff. The qualities of dedication, hard work, patience, care and kindness are evident in abundance amongst our teachers. In these strange and difficult times, to keep all that going is quite a juggling act. I am very proud to work with such an amazing team.

Next week we have the school photographer in school. We can only have individual pictures this time, no siblings I’m afraid. But this will be a very special picture that you will want to keep. In years to come, you will look at this picture and say ‘Do you remember when…?’ A little bit of history in the making!

Take care, and keep safe.

Mrs Robertson