Weekly Newsletter – 6. Autumn Term 2020

6th November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,
The announcement about the new lockdown didn’t really come as a surprise, but will still make life a little bit tougher. I was very relieved to see that schools would be remaining open. We will continue with normal life here at Tweedmouth West for as long as we can, and we will do everything we can to keep everyone safe.

Thankyou to everyone who made a donation to the Food Bank collection following our Harvest Festival. It was all safely delivered at the weekend, and I’m sure will be very gratefully received. I hope you enjoyed the chocolate apples that the children brought home for the holidays. I don’t know which is the best part, making them or eating them!

This week we had a fabulous virtual Fire Safety presentation from the Berwick Fire Fighters. Normally they would arrive at school in the fire engine, but obviously it was a little bit different this time. A huge thankyou to Blue Watch for delivering that for us.

We welcome back Mrs Crowe this week, who will be working with us for the rest of this academic year.

Please take care of yourselves, and keep safe.
Mrs Robertson