Family Fun Day - Tuesday 9th July 1.30pm - 3.30pm Tweedmouth West First School Free entry - There will be a small charge for each activity for school fundraising. Join us for lots of fun! Face Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Raffle, Tombola, Guess the Teddy's name, Hook a Duck, Tin Can Alley, Refreshments, Sensory/Reading Area.

#WakeUpWednesday guide!

What Children & Young People Need to Know about Free Speech vs Hate Speech


Contentious or provocative viewpoints are shared every second of the day online 32.png32.png That’s not to say, however, that an opinion is less valid simply because it’s initially unpopular: just think about Galileo or Emmeline Pankhurst. The facility to have our beliefs questioned – and to challenge other people’s in return – is often a catalyst for scientific and social progress 32.png


With disturbing frequency, though, some individuals post damaging hate speech online under the guise of ‘freedom of expression’ – and unless young people can identify hate speech, there’s a risk of them being influenced by such harmful content. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide explores the crucial differences between free speech and hate speech.


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