Balance ability

We have been very fortunate to host Bikeability Balance this week in school which has provided children in Reception and Year 1 with the basic balance and co-ordination skills they need to learn to ride and take part in Bikeability Level 1, using games and balance bikes. 
This course looked at:
  •  Fastening a helmet
  • Identifying parts of a balance bike
  • Picking up / putting down a balance bike
  •  Walking with a balance bike
  •  Getting on and off a balance bike
  •  Being able to sit on a balance bike with feet flat on the ground and legs slightly bent
  • Being able  to come to a controlled stop using a brake, if the balance bike has one
  • The ability to come to a controlled stop using their feet
  • Being able   to start a balance bike using their whole foot
  • Being able   to look in the direction of travel
  • Being able   to change direction
  • Being able   to glide with both feet off the ground
  • Being able   to play control skills games on a balance bike
  • Being able   to share space and communicate with other people
We have been blown away by the standard of our Reception and Year 1 children. It was very clear to the instructors that most of the children could do the above after their first session.  This is the reason why we were eager for children to bring in their own bikes at such short notice - apologies for the confusion this may have brought to you all!
We are very proud of all of our children but especially those who have progressed from a balance bike to a bike with pedals and NO STABILISERS - you know who you are.
Happy Cycling Everyone 
Mrs Joanne Anderson