NCT Support Fund

Dear Parents / Carers,

As part of the council's response to cost of living pressures, the Northumberland Communities Together Team (NCT) have allocated a fund to support our children and young people.

They know that children and young people are feeling pressures and families are making finance based choices, and worrying about themselves, their families, and their schools.

The new fund has four broad categories - eating, sleeping, playing, and learning also encompasses food, personal hygiene products and clothing.

Some examples of what can be funded may be a travel pass, hygiene products, learning equipment, or even a light buggy for a young family to move around more easily on public transport. We will also look at school trips, or opportunities, school uniform, warm coats, and food support.

All application to access this fund must be made by the school. We therefore ask, if you think you would benefit from this support to get in touch via email: admin@tweedmouthwest.northumberland.sch.uk. Any discussion or applications regarding this scheme will of course be strictly confidential.

Thank you

Mrs Hodgson