Good afternoon

A few reminders for this week:

Today we started the Week 1 Summer Menu, if your child takes a mix of hot dinners and packed lunches please check your following the correct menu.

Tuesday 14th - Reception class forum at 9am

Wednesday 15th - Year 1 class forum at 9am

Friday 17th  - Year 3 class forum at 9am

Class forums allow you to keep up to date with what your child is learning about in class this term which enables you to support their learning at home.  If you are unable to make it we do put the forum slides onto our website.

Please also still be on the look out for head lice.  Head lice treatment does not kill the eggs, therefore eggs can continue to hatch for up to two weeks after treatment. Removing all the eggs is essential to stop the spread, and unfortunately you have to be persistent and thorough when checking to get rid of them all.

Thank you 

Mrs Hodgson